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Yamaha CVP 709

Welcome to Piano Recordings area of the Compton Piano Studio where you will find more recordings of piano pieces from the early beginners stage up to around Grade 6 or so.  These piano recordings may be helpful to you if you are currently learning a piece and would like to hear how it sounds, or if you are unsure which music book you might like to buy or which pieces you might like to study next.

All of the piano recordings on this site have been recorded by me, Sue Compton, using a Yamaha CVP 709 digital piano


Please note that I am currently working on this area of the site and will be gradually uploading more recordings on a regular basis

  1. Beginner piano pieces
  2. Preliminary piano pieces
  3. Grade 1 piano pieces
  4. Grade 2 piano pieces
  5. Grade 3 piano pieces
  6. Grade 4 piano pieces
  7. Grade 5 piano pieces
  8. Grade 6 piano pieces

If there is a particular piece that you are currently studying that you would like to hear but cannot find  on this website, please do contact me, Sue Compton, as I may be able to add it to this collection for you.

More piano recordings

Many more piano recordings, which I recorded a couple of years ago using a Kawai CS8 portable digital piano, can be found at my main website, Compton Piano Studio, in the Piano Recordings area.

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